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Kiss and Def Leppard Tour

By John Nelson

Courtesy of defleppard.com

Courtesy of defleppard.com

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia


The tour kicks off June 23 in West Valley, Utah (They’ll be in Atlanta July 18th!), and is in no small part a celebration of KISS’s 40th anniversary.  To whet fan’s appetites, KISS will be releasing several special anniversary records, including, but not limited to, a 34-LP vinyl box set.

Def Leppard fans, don’t feel left out. The Brits will be releasing a new album in 2015, so maybe we’ll hear some new music on the tour? One can only hope.

On a more serious note, a dollar of every single ticket sold is going to the Wounded Warrior Project and to several other military charities. Gene Simmons told USA today that that the bands intend to hire veterans as crew. So not only are we going to hear great music, but we’ll be supporting a great cause and giving jobs to people who need them.

A current list of tour dates can be found in the article link below: