By: Locke Hoover

The Atlanta Falcons are undefeated and nobody wants to give them credit or respect for how they have played. People continue to rip on them for playing a weak schedule but that is not their fault. They play the schedule that is in front of them. Some say the only good team they have played is Denver and while that might be true they beat them in a primetime game on Monday night. The Falcons offense is much tougher to defend than it was last year with Jacquizz Rogers coming out of the backfield on screens and short passes. That was a non-existence element in last year offense. The offense averages 27.5 points per game, passes for 278.1 yds per and has 378.1 total yds per game. All three are in the top eight in the NFL. While their defense might be low as they allow 127.5 rushing yds a game and 228.8 passing yds per game the key is points scored against them. The falcons have that bend but don’t break defense, as they are seventh in the NFL in points scored against them. So your Falcons are 8-0 so give them some love and respect they deserve.