By: Mizzani Walker-Holmes

The musical journey and magical experience that is this album all began in 2007 with The Steve Riley Band’s first album release entitled “Miles From Nowhere.” Due to the band’s impeccable ability to produce amazing music with powerful messages, their first album was a success, gaining great recognition and even receiving major press from the Billboard World Song Contest.

Fast forward into the present, the Steve Riley Band has now fully evolved into The Riley-Wyman Project and proudly released their debut album entitled “A Musical Journey – The Best Of Riley-Wyman Project” on January 15 for all to enjoy. This album contains twelve songs in total. Seven of the songs are premastered originals from the previous album and three are new cover songs.

With a dash of country, a spoon full of rock and buckets of soul, The Riley-Wyman Project possesses a style and genre all of their own that stirs up a recipe for successful and great music. Music lovers from all genres will enjoy the excellent intertwine of the various sounds of iconic decades, soulful passionate lyrics and harmonic musicianship eloquently displayed throughout the “musical journey.” In this new album, Steve Riley and Wyman Harrell have once more sung into the hearts of many and have produced yet another musical experience that is sure to give you chills.

3 owls out of 5.