Thank you for your interest in Kennesaw State University Owl Radio.

Owl Radio is a streaming, student-run, college radio station. As a streaming station, Owl Radio can be heard on iTunes, TuneIn, Ustream, and almost any audio and video player. In addition to listening to us, you can watch us and talk back.  Owl Radio has been broadcasting since 2007 and is the youngest “member” of the KSU Student Media family (ksusm.com).

Owl Radio is a traditional college station, broadcasting an eclectic mix of genres – rock, pop, jazz, indie, rap, hip hop, country, classical and more. Owl Radio also gives a platform for local artists and bands. In addition to music, Owl Radio broadcasts campus news, KSU athletic and intramural events, sports play-by-play, talk shows and even an award winning radio drama.

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