Omid Alaee



Outside of the Lines aired a video yesterday of University of Rutgers Head basketball coach Mike Rice during their practices. In the video we see Mr. Rice pushing, cursing, throwing basketballs and using gay slurs at his players during team practices. That kind of behavior is UNEXCEPTABLE in our college programs or anywhere of that matter. The Athletic Director did suspend and fine Mr. Rice for three games and $50,000 in December of 2012. And for that reason the Athletic Director and Mr. Rice both need to be fired. How can you watch that video and only suspend someone for three games. You must have no heart if you think that fits the crime. That is not how you run a program at a fine university like Rutgers. When I first saw the video, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. If I were a player on that team, I would not have accepted what Mr. Rice was doing and would have stood up and said something and then transferred to a different school. Being a coach to kids or teenagers, you want to teach them the right way of doing things. And the way that man was running his practices and program was barbaric. That man does not deserve to coach ever again and I am surprised that he has a job still. Those kids on that program didn’t deserve to go through what they went through. You come to college to learn, gain experiences and become a better man or women. But with someone like that running your program, you will never learn how to be a better person. Your always being put down by the man who is suppose to be a father figure to most of these teenagers since he is their head coach. Those kid’s parents put trust in Mr. Rice and that program, and unfortunately that trust was broken. If that was one of my kids in the video, I would have gotten in my car and driven up or down to that school and I would have put my hands on him.