By Landen Winkles

Are you bored of the same progression in pop? Does it feel like rock and your favorite bands of the past haven’t quite whetted your whistle? Do you miss the fluid intricacy that you used to hear through the same old headphones? For my artist and album pick of the week, I found something that took me out of the normal standard for any sub-genre of rock I’ve heard before.

Snooze, a relatively new band dropped their album “Actually, Extremely” early this year on January 29. The band has been referred to as a project similar to Chon, You Blew It!, and Hail the Sun to name a few. The hard-technical sounds of this post-hardcore project meld throughout this album and truly give Snooze a unique flair. The album begins with “Hoo Boy,” an electronic and ambient track with no vocals that stands out as an intro that truly shows the band’s wide mix of flavor and heavy math rock tendencies. After the intro, we follow into my personal favorite song off the album, “Schrodinger’s Dimebag.” Here we’re introduced to the vocals of Peter Pappas, Logan Voss, and Cameron Grom. The soft and melodic singing shined its way into this album with wonderful accompaniment by the hard progression of each chord. Every song that follows feels like it builds into the one following it all the way to one of the best finishes to an album I’ve heard in years. “Hands Up” brings every piece in the album that found its way in this collaboration.

If you’re looking for a band with new and fresh taste with a more progressive and unique sound, Snooze is most definitely the project for you.