By: Scott Tracy

As I find my first seat of the night to get on my feet, I can step outside of and observe the atmosphere being created here at Aisle 5. Youniversal Shanti started off the night with his 2 hour, no break electronic dub set. This was my first experience where a DJ so seamlessly transitioned between ideas, constantly evolving and keeping full attention. His music comes in a barrage of carefully composed surround sounds, each note coming through clearly how it was meant to be heard and the people could feel it. “I mix all my music live where as others may play a pre-recorded set; I like creating my story live”, Shanti explained, “and encourage myself to express my passion in multiple ways! If that involves remixing another person’s sound, then so be it!” His thoughts really emphasize the value of the creation of music. With an array of influences from jazz to reggae, he remained dynamically effective through his whole set between points of chromatic discontent and easy listening. When I asked about his inspirations for a life of music, Shanti mentioned his discovery that “everything has a sound…whether its leaves crunching or water moving…I like deriving my music with what is around me, a warm feeling has accumulated after every sample I process and manipulate into a rhythm.“ He was diverse and a music fest all his own, making a good time for the fans and himself. He’s got an album on the way, stay updated and check his music out at and support the musical youniverse!


Dirtwire, the headlining band, moves the crowd beat by beat. In the middle of the stage a table occupies the space, complete with a multitude of exotic instruments from an African Kora, to the always amusing melodica, and my personal favorite, the Theremin. David Satori, of Beats Antique, mostly traded between a banjo and electric violin, both of which he would play with a bow. With other member, Evan Fraser, The duo entertained the happy faces with a unique combination of middle eastern and bluegrass and other world influences, driven by electronic drum and bass tracks. I was very impressed with their choice of instruments and learned a lot myself, though felt the jaw harp solo went a little long. This show celebrated the release of their new album Riptide, accessible through their website at along with the rest of their music, all sporting wicked cool album artwork.