Erin KG

After 15 seasons in the NBA, 11 time All Star, League MVP, rookie of the year and four time NBA scoring champion Allen Iverson is set to retire from the NBA in the next upcoming days. Former number 1 overall pick from Georgetown University, 38-year-old Iverson hasn’t played professional basketball since 2011 in Turkey. In 2008, ESPN ranked him as the fifth best NBA player of all time behind George Gervin, Jerry West, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. After bouncing around his last 5 years in the NBA with different teams it seemed he had lost a step and wasn’t the explosive scorer he use to be. Iverson couldn’t accept that all these years of driving to the basket and finishing has taken a toll on his body so he found himself out of the NBA and trying to make a comeback.

During his career Iverson had many highlighted moments. One of his most memorable is him crossing Michael Jordan his rookie year and also taking his underdog 76ers team to the championship in 2001. With all the success Iverson had he also got paid very well over the years for it. Iverson made more than $150 million plus but would end up losing this all and is now in debt and divorced. There is a bright side for Allen thanks to Reebok. At the peek of his career Reebok set aside a 30 million dollar trust fund for a rainy day, only thing is he can’t touch it until 2030 which is in 17 years. Even with all of Iverson’s up and downs, he will still go down as one of the greatest players ever to play the game of basketball and there is no taking that from it.