By: Jimmy Sears

Femignome are an Atlanta garage-rock duo named Anna and Kate Jacobson who utilize a lo-fi punk-inspired twinge. The band’s layout is simple. Anna’s the lead vocalist and guitarist while Kate is the drum-beater. Femignome’s creation was also simple: Kate thunderously banged her drums. Anna found the sound of lone drums unpleasant. Kate challenged her to “fix it.” And with their powers combined, they are Femignome. They released their first EP, “ANTX EP,” in 2014 and have been touring the Atlanta area.

A chunk of the album is about teenage angst. “Teenage Monster” talks of “losing control” and transforming into a monster to reference the hormones and identity crisis that we all suffered at one point and the urge to “destroy everything” like high school. “I Hate High school” obviously spits venom on the trenches of high school, which Anna whales that it holds her back while desperately seeking a way out of the metaphorical Hell.

“Teenage Monster” and “I Hate High School” share a similar melody, with the former eliciting more energy while the later starts off slow and kicks up the anger for the most coarse and passionate track. While the lyrics are relatable, they seem tripe at times, as do the melodies, which may come off as simple and amateurish. It’s unfair to fault a band for its style, but the lo-fi quality distorts Anna’s vocal performance, which is glaringly apparent in “I Hate High School.” One also can’t fault the drive Anna and Kate have during their evolution as a duo.

Femignome’s “ANXT EP” gets 2 1/2 owls out of 5.