by Joel McRae

Think early Modest Mouse meets Built To Spill, topped off with all the feedback and grit of Neutral Milk Hotel, and you’ve got ArchAnimals.  The little known, New Orleans based indie rock outfit is the brainchild of Dennis Sager, Christian Baraks and Matt Seferian, a trio of like-minded creatives who have graced the scene with their debut EP, Waiting For Marriage.

With vocals reminiscent of those of Modest Mouse’s singer Isaac Brock, ArchAnimals’ lead singer sets his heart on his sleeve from the get-go, delivering every line with  feelings of nostalgia and heartfelt honesty. The EP kicks off with “Face Full of Metal”, a warm, southern-rock laced song oozing nostalgia out of every guitar riff. The release ventures into fuzz-rock territory with follow up tracks, “Bandages” and “Garden”, both of which are obvious standouts from the EP. “Garden” is about the slippery slope concerning drug use, particularly when watching a friend spiral down the rabbit hole of addiction.

“You could dig a garden, or another hole in your arm” –ArchAnimals, “Garden”

“Pokemon”, another clear standout from the EP, served as the lead single and first ever released song from the indie rock trio. Easily one of our favorites from the record, “Pokemon”‘s fuzzy, distorted instrumental coupled with a balance of low-key kicks and snares only adds to the wistful sound, perfectly complimenting the sentimental lyrics about an old flame. The EP as a whole is a must listen for indie rock heads everywhere.