By: Jimmy Sears

Out of Alpharetta, the von Grey sisters are a quartet of classically-trained artists who continue to gain steam through national television appearances on shows such as “The Late Show with David Letterman” and “Conan” among others, which helped hoist von Grey’s first self-titled EP into the Top 10 on iTunes. Von Grey specializes in a hybrid of indie, alternative and folk music and comprises of Annika on banjo, guitars, keyboard and violin; Fiona with guitar, percussion and violin; Petra playing the keyboard, guitar, percussion and serves as backing vocals; and Kathryn playing the bass pedal, cello, mandolin and keys as well as backing vocals. With their second EP, “Awakening,” von Grey climbs the ladder further through modern, yet classical melodies.

“Awakening” presents great variety for an EP, helped especially by von Grey’s repertoire of instruments. The album starts with a serenade of a guitar and piano before pounding the staff to present a chorus that encourages to “let it go” and to “keep it cool” for a solemn track. Afterwards, the tone becomes brighter in the peppy track, “Come On,” which is probably the most accessible track with its pop-inspired synth sounds. It also pushes the “alternative” part of von Grey, with riffs present throughout with a dominate guitar progression in the later half. Track 5, “Ashes,” starts with an aquatic-sounding succession as the lyrics describe a burning village. Violins help carry “Ashes” as a duo of violins fill parts of the track.

Von Grey presents an intriguing EP that brings the classical and modern periods together for a pleasant listening experience. Download von Grey’s “Awakening” on iTunes. Also check out