By: Ryan Phillips

Daniel Roure is a French pianist who combines elements from Jazz, Swing and Blues music into what he deems vintage French music. Inspired by French artists like Charles Trenet, and American legends such as Dean Martin and Nat King Cole, Roure puts out a smooth experience that calmly floats through each verse to add an atmospheric charm to help one unwind. Despite the language barrier, this will not affect anyone’s enjoyment.

Despite the album’s silky cut, I do not feel like “Bar de Nuit” will appeal to those who don’t understand French music, though I recommend “Bar de Nuit” when having dinner with family and friends. “Bar de Nuit” is an album that brings you into the moment of a nice romantic dinner. Overall, I recommend you listen to “Bar de Nuit” for a good music experience when looking for a vintage jam. I give this album 4 owls out of 5 because it has the ability to enhance your mood in an uplifting way.

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