By: Brittany Menefield


            A typical Friday day night at Apache consist of talented indie artist displaying there love for the hip hop culture on the infamous Atlanta stage, however tonight was not a typical Friday night show. The Bar Exam: The Pre-A3C edition put straight heat underneath the artist and brought out an energy that hasn’t been seen in the city for awhile.. The overall winner of the open mic receives the chance to perform at the worlds biggest music festival A3C, which is really big because even some of your favorite rappers don’t get invited to preform. The contest brought some of the familiar indie acts to the stage such as DiV and J Coop. and also displayed some new dope talent such as Lanes and The Tribe Akashic.

            The show was broken up into four different groups of artist competing for the crowds energy through cypher to perform their individual songs,The artist clearly other passed the bar or needed to pass the mic depending on the discretion of judges whose backgrounds are extremely dope. The three judges were Jade (Digital Marketing Director for A3C), Jah (CEO of Abel Hoops and Brand/Sponsorship Manger of A3C), and Nathan Adams ( Founder of Foreign State of Mind and Style Director of A3C),There honestly was no true loser of this contest everyone received great criticism and put there soul into their performances. Overall the show reminded everyone what the culture and love for Hip Hop is about and was a great taste of what A3C 2015 will be like.

Lanes                               DiV