By King Don Da DJ

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko made some noise late last month when they announced that they officially formed a group named “TWENTY88,” and their self-titled project would release later that week. Before this project, Big Sean and Jhene Aiko collaborations were nothing less than gold as they were both standout tracks. Sadly, “TWENTY88” doesn’t continue the streak of hits that Big Sean and Jhene Aiko usually make together.

“TWENTY88” definitely suffers from Big Sean and Jhene Aiko’s prior work together being so good. If “TWENTY88” was their first collaboration, this review likely would have been different, but their past collaborations set the bar so high that “TWENTY88” just lacks in comparison.

With the star power on this project, the most stunning thing about “TWENTY88” is that there is no standout track. All of the songs on “TWENTY88” were average as they were typical songs for a Big Sean and Jhene Aiko project and failed to provide anything new or innovative. If I had to pick a song from this project that will do well on the radio, it would have to be “Memories Faded.” I strongly believe that this is the best song on the album and is the closest thing to a hit on this project.

“TWENTY88” is a perfect example of how collaboration projects usually fail to live up to expectations. Sometimes when things sound too good to be true, that is exactly the case and with “TWENTY88,” while the concept was so good at face value, the actual product is not what fans expected it to be. “TWENTY88” is not a bad project by any stretch, but it is definitely not a great one either.

3 out of 5 OWLS.