Locke Hoover

Tragedy in this country unfortunately happens and there is only one thing that can bond a city or country together and that is sports. On Monday morning a gunman in Washington DC killed 12 people. Due to this disaster that happened in Washington DC the Braves and Nationals game was postponed.  Any time there is a tragedy in city sports help the city move on such as the events that happened earlier this year in Boston with the bombings during the Boston Marathon. The Boston Red Sox’s held a ceremony for those victims that lost their life and they created a jersey and on the back they had the number of people who died and where injured. They also came up with the slogan “Boston Strong” further bonding the city.  Another major tragedy was 9/11. New York City and the New York Mets had games a few days after the towers fell. The ceremony and event that took place at Shea Stadium helped ease the pain felt by the city. Sports just bond people together in an unbelievable way. It is a great outlet for people to try and forget what happened for 3 hours and cheer on their team to win a game.