Locke Hoover

Starting in 2017 the Atlanta Braves will be playing in a new baseball stadium. The new stadium will be located in Cobb County of Cobb Park Way at the junction of I-75 and I-285. This is a very interesting move but I believe it is the right move for the franchise. It is the right move for several different reasons. The first reason is because it is no longer important to be in downtown Atlanta. Why does the team need to be downtown? First off there is not attraction to the stadium at its current location. It is a very unsafe area and a place where you feel the need to carry a gun around to be safe. Another reason why their current location is not a good one is because there are no attractions around the stadium that people want to go to. There are not bars, restaurants, or entertainment options around the stadium. The Braves want to bring attractions around the ballpark for fans so they don’t have to go to Buckhead, Vinnings, or Midtown before or after a game to enjoy themselves. Overall this should bring more revenue to the Braves. It will bring more revenue to the Braves because they will own everything. They will own and control the parking and land the stadium is on. They are also moving to a location where the majority of their fans are so now the fans my go to more games than in years past. It will be easier for them to commute to and from the stadium and it will be more convenient. I understand the two things people are going to complain about and it is traffic and no Marta. Well, there is always going to be traffic on the interstates and Marta does not go to Tuner Field either. Overall there shouldn’t any negatives to the Braves moving because as a fan it is only going to enhance your overall experience.