By: Locke Hoover

There are three very interesting story lines in the Atlanta Braves spring training camp this year and they are Evan Gattis, Julio Teheran, and Joey Terdoslavich. It has been very exciting to watch the progress of these three prospects last year and during this spring training. Out of these three guys there is only Teheran who for sure has earned a roster spot. Coming into spring training the 5th spot in the rotation was Teheran’s to loss and after Tuesday’s performance of five shot out innings he has all but locked up the 5th spot in the rotation. The other two have come out and swing the bat unbelievable and have continued to make it hard for the Braves not to keep them on the 25-man roster. Evan Gattis is by far the most interesting case as the all the 26-year-old prospect has done since the Braves drafted him in 2010 has hit. Gattis is a converted catcher who has played the outfield, first base, and catcher this spring is trying to earn a roster spot and is doing a good job at it. This spring he is hitting .464 with five doubles, two home runs, and a team high 10 RBI. If he made team he would be used as a fifth outfielder, third catcher, and pinch hitter. Joey Terdoslavich is another prospect trying to gain the attention of the Braves. Terdoslavich can play first base and is learning to play the outfield in spring training. He is also hitting over .400 this spring training and trying to earn a spot on the Braves bench. Terdoslavich has power and is a switch hitter, which is always a plus. The only problem with him is that he is not a good fielder so he really doesn’t have a position to play. As spring training is about half way done it will be interesting to see which direction the Braves go for their last few bench spots.