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Interviews Comments Off on New Breed Nye Interview

New Breed Nye Interview

New Breed Nye with Alexandria

New Breed Nye is changing the game with lyricism penetrating the soul. Inviting and allowing the fans to experience this breed of finely crafted artistry with mind boggling descriptions. Grounded on maintaining his own lane, listeners will have no choice but to merge in and join traffic jam.

Listen to the Lex Review Interview with New Breed Nye below:

Interviews Comments Off on Jeremiah Wheeler Interview

Jeremiah Wheeler Interview

DJ and Jeremiah Wheeler

A native of Cave Springs, Georgia, Jeremiah Wheeler broke out into the country music industry by moving to Nashville, TN in 2010 and working his way up to the release of his first album “I Call Home” in 2012. He has been nominated for many awards, such as IMEA’s “Male Artist of the Year,” and is currently writing for his next album which will be released later this year in 2016.


Enjoy the interview DJ got to do with Jeremiah Wheeler below:


Interviews Comments Off on Denis O’Hare Interview

Denis O’Hare Interview

Picture Courtesy of FX

DJ Molly got to interview Denis O’Hare from the series American Horror Story and talk to him about his character, Liz Taylor. She also got some inside scoop on what Denis believes is the best advice for college students wanting to pursue show biz.


If you missed the interview, here it is, below:


Interviews Comments Off on Keith Allan Interview

Keith Allan Interview

Becky Beaver and Keith Allan

DJ Becky  interviewed Keith Allan on October 31st, 2015 at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta. Keith talked with Becky about his show, Z Nation.

Here is the interview below:



Interviews Comments Off on John O’Callaghan Interview

John O’Callaghan Interview

Generation Disconnected and John O'Callaghan

(DJ Molly was so happy to meet John O’Callaghan over the summer that she smiled so wide her eyes closed!)

John O’Callaghan is the lead singer of the band, The Maine. Over the summer, DJ Molly got to interview him about his upcoming tour, The Free for All Tour, and his band’s music career thus far.

Here is the interview in case you missed it: