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Artist of The Week Comments Off on #KSUArtistOfTheWeek – Ellie Lawrence

#KSUArtistOfTheWeek – Ellie Lawrence

Overnight sensation? Well that’s what America is saying about native Calhounian, Ellie Lawrence after her Blind Audition premiered on NBC’s The Voice.

The north Georgia indie-rock artist found her home on Gwen Stefani’s team after performing “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off” by Ella Eyre.
The next morning, Ellie has made it to 4th on the US iTunes  Alternative Charts, behind Fall Out Boy, X Ambassadors, and Elle King.
Turn in to the battle rounds and join #TeamEllie #MermaidMusic! Take it from us, you don’t want to miss this. #KSUArtistoftheWeek #SupportLocal #TheVoice
Artist of The Week Comments Off on Get to know Sea Ghost

Get to know Sea Ghost

By: Scott Tracy

                  If you’re looking for a fun night in a carefree environment, Go See Sea Ghost! For a band that doesn’t take themselves seriously, Sea Ghost is seriously one of the most entertaining bands you can choose to go see, and you better do it before blow up! This band plays with a sense of charismatic joy and goofiness that moves a crowd without fail. With a unique brand of surf synth-pop, represented in their locally popular hits “Cave Song” and “Spokes”, this self-made band has been rocking all the house parties and hole in the wall venues in the greater Atlanta area, FREQUENTLY FOR FREE. Once even in an airplane hangar! Most recently at the 3rd annual Jortsfest, a showcase of beach party tunes held on Georgia Tech’s campus this past weekend, they’re spreading the good words “Sea Ghost”. And a cool logo. Usually on t-shirts. And with those t-shirts, Sea Ghost is attracting a large following of enthusiastic stage divers that really bring a bright spirit into the idea of an intimate live show atmosphere.

The band has announced to me that their new (and first!) record is in the final stages of the production and is expected for release within a month or so. Some recording trouble in the recent past has delayed the process just a bit, but has not diminished the building anticipation for their first studio album. Capturing the band’s tight performances from Brandon, Jay, and Jonathon of frontman Carter’s catchey bedroom melodies in the studio will be something worth listening for. I’m interested to see where it takes them as they continue to grow from their various demos that have built them to where they are today. Stay updated on their facebook and bandcamp pages, but catch them live for a true performance of their personalities expressed through music. Take these guys for face value because they’re just out there having tons of fun with a lot of potential doing the best thing in the world, creating cool music for the dancing people. Go See Sea Ghost!

Artist of The Week Comments Off on Willie and the Giant

Willie and the Giant

Willie and the Giant are a band from Nashville, Tennessee who take the genre of classic rock and repackage it with a few modern bits to refine it for today’s crowd. The band played a set on Oct. 18 at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta as the amplified waves of frontman Will Stewart, lead guitarist Jon Poor (Also known as “The Giant” due to his height of 6-foot-5), bassist Grant Prettyman and drummer Mac Kramer filled the Atlanta Room.

The passion for rock has been with Stewart since grade school. “I’ve been in a band since I was in sixth grade,” Stewart said. “It’s always been what I wanted to do.” When asked about how Stewart was “bitten by the bug,” he mentioned that the passion for music is just there. “Music is just something that’s inside of you,” Stewart said. “For me, that’s all I could think about – I can’t escape it.” When asked about favorite moments with the band, Poor favored playing music for his close friends. “I love playing in front of a crowd; that’s the best, but as far as memories, they’re usually intimate small moments,” Poor said. Stewart added, “Just the shared experience of the people that you’re playing for – it’s great.” Poor and Stewart also shared the best part about playing in a rock band. “There’s nothing better,” Stewart said. “I’ve heard crazy metaphors that explain the feeling you get when you play for people, but for me, it’s on par with sex.” Poor added, “for me, it’s just about the connection. Getting up on stage and having the audience dig what you do … it’s kind of a shortcut to connecting with people in the audience.”

Look for Willie and the Giant’s first album in early 2015. You can download their debut singles, “Poor Boy” and “Aint Gonna Wait,” on iTunes. Also check out www.willieandthegiant.com for more info.

Artist of The Week Comments Off on KB: #TomorrowWelive

KB: #TomorrowWelive

By: Desirae Tucker

With a new album that just hit stores KB is on his way to inspire all. The christian rapper signed to Reach Records out of Atlanta, Georgia has just released his new album this past week. KB is slowly but surely gaining his way to the top along with his label mate Lecrae. KB’s story is amazing and you can tell in his words that he has been yearning to let the people hear him and his music. KB isn’t your typical rapper, his humbleness and wanting to praise Jesus is what makes him different. KB is still trying to figure out a way to balance out his new shine to fame and being a normal person who loves to help people. . You can see his drive in his documentary that is on his website and see his humble personality shine. KB is currently living in Tampa, FL with his family and just as his website says he is enjoying his crab legs, boxing, and serving at his local church. Hear more of KB’s story on his website and become inspired.

For more on KB go to his website www. Whoiskb.com and listen to his newly released album titled “Tomorrow We Live” available on Spotify, iTunes, and in stores now

Artist of The Week Comments Off on A Musical Journey – The Best of Riley-Wyman Project

A Musical Journey – The Best of Riley-Wyman Project

By: Mizzani Walker-Holmes

The musical journey and magical experience that is this album all began in 2007 with The Steve Riley Band’s first album release entitled “Miles From Nowhere.” Due to the band’s impeccable ability to produce amazing music with powerful messages, their first album was a success, gaining great recognition and even receiving major press from the Billboard World Song Contest.

Fast forward into the present, the Steve Riley Band has now fully evolved into The Riley-Wyman Project and proudly released their debut album entitled “A Musical Journey – The Best Of Riley-Wyman Project” on January 15 for all to enjoy. This album contains twelve songs in total. Seven of the songs are premastered originals from the previous album and three are new cover songs.

With a dash of country, a spoon full of rock and buckets of soul, The Riley-Wyman Project possesses a style and genre all of their own that stirs up a recipe for successful and great music. Music lovers from all genres will enjoy the excellent intertwine of the various sounds of iconic decades, soulful passionate lyrics and harmonic musicianship eloquently displayed throughout the “musical journey.” In this new album, Steve Riley and Wyman Harrell have once more sung into the hearts of many and have produced yet another musical experience that is sure to give you chills.

3 owls out of 5.