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Concert Comments Off on From Oklahoma to Georgia, Here comes Turnpike Troubadours

From Oklahoma to Georgia, Here comes Turnpike Troubadours

By: Desirae Tucker

The 5 man country band is the new act to look out for with their new single “Down here”. They have been making a lot of noise starting in their hometown of Oklahoma and traveling from coast to coast making a name for themselves. Playing at local nightclubs and venues they have gained the right attention with their audience creating Turnpike Troubadour fanatics . Turnpike Troubadours describes their music as “Red dirt country” and have been featured on the billboard charts for country, folk and rock. Being a band that can give you a little bit of everything they are definitely worth listening to.

Turnpike Troubadours is gracing Atlanta with their presence and making their way to Center Stage on October 23rd.

Tune into “Backroads” with Deej every Wednesday from 12-2pm for your chance to win tickets to see the Red dirt country band. 

Concert Comments Off on Kennesaw State University welcomes Icona Pop

Kennesaw State University welcomes Icona Pop

By: Desirae Tucker

The international pop duo Icona Pop is making an appearance and coming to Kennesaw State University’s 2015 homecoming . In the past, Kennesaw has brought the student body a number of hip-hop artist to perform the yearly event, but this is a different move that even the students are questioning. Some have never heard of Icona Pop and Kennesaw’s students via social media have found themselves to complain and question the decision on bringing the duo to campus. With a growing diverse student body pop seems to be the most well rounded genre that can please everybody. With a number of popular songs on the pop charts,  the students will not be disappointed.

The duo originally from Sweden biggest hit known to date titled ” I love it” has been featured in numerous commercials, video games, television shows, and more.  The hit ” I love it” has definitely been a reason for their success along side opening for Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and and recently One Directions.  We have no doubt that once they hit the stage everyone will know who they are.

We suggest that you begin to get familiar with their music if your not already.

More show information below. 

October 9th

Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm

Be sure to use your student ID for your exclusive KSU discount.

Student tickets are $9 w/ valid ID (max 2 tickets), General Admission tickets are $19 (max 4 tickets)

Concert Comments Off on Aisle 5 Live

Aisle 5 Live

By: Scott Tracy

As I find my first seat of the night to get on my feet, I can step outside of and observe the atmosphere being created here at Aisle 5. Youniversal Shanti started off the night with his 2 hour, no break electronic dub set. This was my first experience where a DJ so seamlessly transitioned between ideas, constantly evolving and keeping full attention. His music comes in a barrage of carefully composed surround sounds, each note coming through clearly how it was meant to be heard and the people could feel it. “I mix all my music live where as others may play a pre-recorded set; I like creating my story live”, Shanti explained, “and encourage myself to express my passion in multiple ways! If that involves remixing another person’s sound, then so be it!” His thoughts really emphasize the value of the creation of music. With an array of influences from jazz to reggae, he remained dynamically effective through his whole set between points of chromatic discontent and easy listening. When I asked about his inspirations for a life of music, Shanti mentioned his discovery that “everything has a sound…whether its leaves crunching or water moving…I like deriving my music with what is around me, a warm feeling has accumulated after every sample I process and manipulate into a rhythm.“ He was diverse and a music fest all his own, making a good time for the fans and himself. He’s got an album on the way, stay updated and check his music out at https://soundcloud.com/youniversalshanti and support the musical youniverse!


Dirtwire, the headlining band, moves the crowd beat by beat. In the middle of the stage a table occupies the space, complete with a multitude of exotic instruments from an African Kora, to the always amusing melodica, and my personal favorite, the Theremin. David Satori, of Beats Antique, mostly traded between a banjo and electric violin, both of which he would play with a bow. With other member, Evan Fraser, The duo entertained the happy faces with a unique combination of middle eastern and bluegrass and other world influences, driven by electronic drum and bass tracks. I was very impressed with their choice of instruments and learned a lot myself, though felt the jaw harp solo went a little long. This show celebrated the release of their new album Riptide, accessible through their website at Dirtwire.net along with the rest of their music, all sporting wicked cool album artwork.



Concert Comments Off on Ambiance at Smiths Old Bar w/ Mimicking Birds and Space Orphan.

Ambiance at Smiths Old Bar w/ Mimicking Birds and Space Orphan.

By: Scott Tracy

The crowd gazes towards the stage in a lucid daze lost in the melodies of headliner, Mimicking Birds. As their band name may suggest, the Portland based band is a peaceful mix of jazz and ambient indie rock, making for a comfortable environment of easy listening. Audience interest peaks through the evolving and progressive choice of chord progressions. Some parts are so beautiful sounding, and then a transition so quickly into the next bit. The songs seem to come and go but curiosity remains nonetheless. The drummer stays in a well-knit pocket, periodically incorporating smooth polyrhythms or some electronic beats from his drum pad. The singer’s lyrics resonate clearly through the house with the accompaniment of all the fans, all while effortlessly playing crazy chord patterns in non-standard tunings, as revealed later by the bassist, who follows by sound not sight when playing, whether it be on bass or his analog mono synth. All this leads to some pretty unique music here at Smith’s Old Bar. Last time they were here, they played on the bottom floor bar, so that means next time they’ll be playing on the rooftop! Or just somewhere better I suppose. The opportunity for them is certainly real. Apparently as they continue their tour to the west, they will be reunited with their lead guitarist who had to miss a few shows for work at home. They don’t seem to be lacking a portion of their live sound, as they said they rocked a three piece for a while previously, but I would love to hear what more they could be with him. Upon finishing this tour, work on their third album will begin. Bassist Adam thinks they’re well in their stride and are excited to see what comes in the new material.



MB & SO 9-14


Space Orphan

The curtains pull away leaving Space Orphan under lights on the second floor at Smith’s Old Bar. Seated folks get to their feet when the music begins, feeling through the set of all new songs with the band. Songs sustain themes that are dynamic, exhausting all avenues, leaving one with a proper sense of closure when each song comes to an end. Only sometimes was I unsure that they were finished and wouldn’t bust into another variant of their groove. Speaking of groove, the band did one of my favorite things I think every band should be able to do, that being ready members playing interlude music while other members prepare for the next song. They went with a jazzy elevator song style, it was nice. It’s always a more professional tactic than standing awkwardly and not even addressing the crowd like some bands take to, so kudos. Every tune is held tight with the entire band’s chemistry. Ruben on lead guitar precisely finger picks out melodies and morphs between tones in captivating solos, while rhythm guitarist Vince and drummer Tyler hammer out dynamic yet steady structures. The band currently lacks a bass player, and therefore have a less full sound than possible but are making it work. Vince’s use of primarily down stroking out heavy, bottom end power chords or single e-string riffs keeps it filled out. I had the chance to speak with Vince about the band, “[He] and Ruben have played together for a while. We came back from a long break of playing and it was a nice restart…things seem to flow what I like to think is organically”, to make what they have before described as cosmic indie rock, which is fitting. This was only the third show since the end of their hiatus but they remain very comfortable together and well familiar with their new material. Keep an eye out for the Space Orphan, abandoned and floating through space, or as show posts on your local bulletin board. Check out their Facebook page, they’ll have some stuff on there soon as they promised.




Concert Comments Off on Global Hard Rock Café Battle of the Bands

Global Hard Rock Café Battle of the Bands

A global stage fit for renowned talent. Music everyone has been waiting for. This is none other than the Annual Global Hard Rock Café Battle of the Bands.

In a relaxed and chill atmosphere, bands and artists from across the country battled for a chance to be crowned the best band by the Hard Rock Café and earn a spot on the grand stage in Barcelona. Local talents of the night included hip-hop artist Carmen Butte, rock band Chasing December and rhythm guitarist Marty Madness.

Despite the great turn out of roaring fans and music enthusiasts, the ultimate decision of who would be the crowned the winner was placed in the hands of four selected judges. Overall, each band offered their own individual musical flair and artistry to the competition.

Hip-hop artist Carmen Butte commanded praise from the crowd as she adorned the stage with her back up dancers. Chasing December combined alternative and classic rock to produce an authentic sound that brought us all back to our rock roots. Last but least, Marty Madness left the stage in shambles as he captivated the audience with his amazing guitar skills and vocal ability.

All the bands possessed great talent, but it was Marty Madness that took the gold and title to advance to the next round and take his rightful spot on the grand stage in Barcelona.