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Sports Blog Comments Off on Thoughts on free-agency eve

Thoughts on free-agency eve

by Omid Alaee

This offseason the Atlanta Falcons need to make a few moves within the draft and free agency, which begins Tuesday March 11, 2014 at 4pm, if they want to continue their success like the past few seasons.

As we saw from this past season, besides the injuries, offensive line and defensive line were two factors for the abysmal season. Matt Ryan had a hard time staying off his ass and our D-line could hardly pressure the opposing QB.

To have a successful NFL team, those are two key positions where you can build around. This year’s free agency and NFL draft have quite the talent on both sides of the line.

You got youngsters like Greg Robinson out of Auburn, Jake Matthews of Texas A&M and Jadeveon Clowney from University of South Carolina. Then of course you got the veterans who are in free agency that could be that missing piece that the team needs.

There are 31 other teams trying to make moves to better their futures just like the Falcons. So hopefully the upper management is able to evaluate the right talent and spend the right kind of money on veterans who want to come and work hard and WIN a Super Bowl.


Sports Blog Comments Off on Men’s Basketball: Northern Kentucky @ KSU

Men’s Basketball: Northern Kentucky @ KSU


Mike Foster (Sports Director)


rect3015The weather couldn’t hold back the Norse. The Atlantic Sun Conference’s newest member will make its second-ever visit to the Convocation Center Friday night, with tip-off slated for 7 p.m. The matchup between the Owls and Norse was originally set for Thursday night, but pushed back because of the icy conditions that halted the southeast during the week.

KSU (4-21, 1-11 A-Sun) will try to carry some positive momentum from an inspired performance against in-state rival Mercer in its last outing. The Owls held a lead with just over 3 minutes left to play in last Friday’s game, but couldn’t hold off the Bears in a 75-68 defeat. 3,624 attended the contest.

Northern Kentucky (8-17, 4-9 A-Sun) heads into Friday’s game on a five-game skid. 6 foot 6 forward Jalen Billups will be the Owls biggest concern on both ends of the floor. Billups is shooting over .500 in field goal percentage, along with 132 rebounds and 30 blocks in 2013-14.

KSU will look for more electricity from its most capable scorer in Orlando Coleman, who threw down two alley-oops and featured some nice mid-range game in his last outing. The Owls continue to struggle with consistent player production, especially inside. Andrew Osemhen, who returns to the lineup after a one-game suspension, might be the best matchup with Billups inside.

NKU heads into the contest just 2-9 away from its home in Highland Heights, Ky. NKU is not eligible to place in the Atlantic Sun Conference tournament as it continues to transition from Division II to Division I. KSU still stands at 9th place in the conference behind Jacksonville (5-8 A-Sun). Only the top eight teams qualify for the A-Sun tournament.

Make sure to tune in to tonight’s broadcast, live, from the Convocation Center. Just head back to the home page and click on Live 365 in the “Watch Live” tab.


Sports Blog Comments Off on Michael Sam, Missouri prove sexuality can be non-issue in sports locker rooms

Michael Sam, Missouri prove sexuality can be non-issue in sports locker rooms

Mike Foster (Sports Director)

Michael Sam’s teammates at the University of Missouri knew he was gay since before the 2013 season. According to a report by ESPN writer Chris Connelly, Sam told the other men in the locker room about his sexuality in August.  In the interview with Connelly, Sam is quoted as saying, “I understand how big this is. It’s a big deal. No one has done this before.”

Is it really, though?

Sam went on to have a stellar senior year. He finished with 11.5 sacks at defensive end, and helped the Tigers build the reputation of having the fiercest defensive front in the Southeastern Conference. He reeled in All-SEC and eventually All-American status for his efforts.

Again–his teammates knew of his sexuality. Was there ever a peep?

Suddenly the debate has begun whether or not Sam’s public announcement that he’s a homosexual will effect his value in April’s NFL Draft. For Sam, the fact that his entire team–which climbed all the way to No. 5 in the BCS rankings (in other words, was very functional)–went on for an entire year as if it was just another day at the office should prove to NFL executives, general managers, coaches and players that the sexuality of the men in the locker room does not have to be a big deal.

Football is football, and Sam is pretty darn good at it. Sam, a bright and charismatic individual to boot, also can shine light on this issue (which should be a non-issue) by helping phase out the stigma that surrounds homosexuality. Had he never said anything, the media would have never known the difference.

When people feel like they can simply pick out and identify homosexuals, the more stigma can be attached. But, when someone who otherwise fits the identity of a bonafide NFL Draft prospect suddenly says, “Hey, I’m gay,” it simplifies the meaning–in a good way.

Sam’s announcement of his sexuality is huge. Before, not a single NFL player had ever announced themselves as gay before their retirement. Because of this, many have speculated that announcements of homosexuality could be detrimental to locker rooms.


Missouri’s football team proved to us that it can be a non-issue, as it should be. Not only Sam, but the entire Missouri football team deserves a tip of the cap for dwindling down Sam’s sexuality to what it’s worth–something that is personal, and something that should only be shared through respect and understanding.

Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel endorsed Sam’s decision by saying, “We’re really happy for Michael that he’s made the decision to announce this, and we’re proud of him and how he represents Mizzou.”

Anyone calling shots for NFL teams now have an entire college football team to ask, “Is this guy going to cause any problems?” That team’s general consensus is, “No.” That’s a refreshing prospect to say the least.

Homosexuals have to deal with acceptance issues in all work places, and the NFL should view it no differently. To assert that executives and general managers would stray away from a prospect because of their sexuality is to categorize the decision makers as behind the curve. I’m not sure they want that on their plate.

This is truly a story that transcends sports because of Sam’s courage, but it’s also a landmark story for sports, internally.

Sam’s athletic identity is no different now than it was before. When he participates in combine drills, his sexuality will not be measured in any way, shape, or form.

As someone who has potential to be a star in the greatest sports league that has ever existed, Sam’s bright future with the NFL could teach us all what Missouri players learned firsthand this past year: It’s not a big deal.




Sports Blog Comments Off on Braves moving to Cobb County

Braves moving to Cobb County

Locke Hoover

Starting in 2017 the Atlanta Braves will be playing in a new baseball stadium. The new stadium will be located in Cobb County of Cobb Park Way at the junction of I-75 and I-285. This is a very interesting move but I believe it is the right move for the franchise. It is the right move for several different reasons. The first reason is because it is no longer important to be in downtown Atlanta. Why does the team need to be downtown? First off there is not attraction to the stadium at its current location. It is a very unsafe area and a place where you feel the need to carry a gun around to be safe. Another reason why their current location is not a good one is because there are no attractions around the stadium that people want to go to. There are not bars, restaurants, or entertainment options around the stadium. The Braves want to bring attractions around the ballpark for fans so they don’t have to go to Buckhead, Vinnings, or Midtown before or after a game to enjoy themselves. Overall this should bring more revenue to the Braves. It will bring more revenue to the Braves because they will own everything. They will own and control the parking and land the stadium is on. They are also moving to a location where the majority of their fans are so now the fans my go to more games than in years past. It will be easier for them to commute to and from the stadium and it will be more convenient. I understand the two things people are going to complain about and it is traffic and no Marta. Well, there is always going to be traffic on the interstates and Marta does not go to Tuner Field either. Overall there shouldn’t any negatives to the Braves moving because as a fan it is only going to enhance your overall experience.

Sports Blog Comments Off on Men’s Owl’s Lose opener

Men’s Owl’s Lose opener

Michael Moore

Kennesaw State’s men’s basketball team began their season and tournament on Friday November 8th against the Youngstown State Penguins. The Owls, led by point guard Delbert Love, struggled to score in the first half with only 21 points, while the Penguins, led by the guard Perry Kendrick, scored 34 points in the first half. Kennesaw attempted to push back with a run of their own, mainly from guards Yonel Brown and Delbert Love, as the owls put up 36 more points in the following half, but Youngstown stood firm as they put up 39 more points themselves to win the game 73-57.

Although the Owl’s defense was decent, their offense struggled tremendously. Once again, the Owls found themselves in free throw trouble with only a percentage of 68 while the Penguins had an impressive percentage of 90. Open shots were also missed by Kennesaw. Sharpshooter, Nigel Pruitt, was 0-8 in field goals and had to sit the majority of the second half. Inside presence in the paint was nearly non existent on offense when it came to the big men. Forward Andrew Osemhen and Center Willy Koussi, the tallest men on the court, only had a collective number of 4 attempts in the paint. Only four attempts were made by the big men! Most of the points in the paint came from Morena and Love of the Owls. Kennesaw plans to get back in acton against the Colonels of Eastern Kentucky on Saturday to get back to .500.