By: Jimmy Sears

Late last year, Chasing December’s lead guitarist Dan Koutavas entered Owl Radio to talk about Chasing December’s latest album, which was fittingly released in December of last year. Previously titled “Cliché as Hell,” Chasing December’s second self-titled studio album steps up its game through grinding bars that spiral through the CD for waves that push the data to the limit. This includes improvements such as better sound quality compared to the garage band-like sound present in the first album.

Chasing December amps it up from the get-go with the opening track, “Studio 54.” Featuring gritty lyrics that resemble Sin City itself, lines such as “if you want to play you can follow me” and “just one hit will be my lust” could represent this. “Studio 54” also features an insane guitar line at the beginning and a speedy tempo. The song never steps down to give it an intense pace. Track 6, “Left Your Heart at the Door,” starts off slow but revs it up with swooning riffs as Dalton Sisson’s vocals lay down the guilt after the subject puts a relationship’s love to a sad end. Also included is a bonus track, which is an astounding cover of the holiday classic, “Carol of the Bells.” Chasing December previously arranged “Carol of the Bells” for a talent show, in which they killed it by turning the epic into a rock anthem for the holidays.

Chasing December’s second album continues the upward evolution of Chasing December as a rising band. For more info on this album and Chasing December, hit up the band’s facebook page at

Also look for the digital album on iTunes slated for release on Feb. 2.