By: Scott Tracy

On Feb. 7, the Hard Rock Café’s Velvet Underground was met with funky white boy dancer and emerging Atlanta pop artist, Cody Oliver, who made the room’s capacity dance for his hour-long set. Oliver is currently promoting his debut EP, “Chasing Stars,” and is rocking the local Georgia venues with his single, “Hole In the Sun,” the wonderfully produced gem on his release that’s still stuck in your head. Cody Oliver has also been featured as one of Owl Radio’s very first #KSUSongOfTheWeek.

He’s flawlessly transposed it into a rocking live setting along with the rest of the album. Another notable tune is his brand new song, “Poison,” my personal favorite of the night. It’s a great song that exemplifies the undertones of his groove and funk influences, though you can’t find it on his album. You can of course catch him playing it with vigor at these live shows! His stage presence is inviting and enthusiastic and you’ll find the trip out for it is quite worth it. Some of his influences include Justin Timberlake, John Mayer and Maroon 5. He represents this with his comfortable use of falsetto with seamless transitioning and the potential to be an arena commanding voice.

IMG_20150207_213510 (1)

Backed by his skilled band of musicians, their sound is big, well-rehearsed and, most notably, together. Bands that play as bands as opposed to a few musicians stand out considerably, especially in instances of mishaps. When asked about his process, Cody described himself as a melody guy, with lyrics normally to come second. But of course he noted, “It’s all about the feeling of a song. People can connect with the way a song makes them feel and if you can do that with melody and lyrics then you’ve got a great song.” With his mind and intentions in the right place, Cody’s steady rise to the stars continues and he’s making it hard for you to go without.