By Trévaris Hardy

Saturday night, the Fox Theatre witnessed the most colorful and exuberant concert from one of the most pious and entertaining up-and-coming artists: Chance the Rapper.

The show opened with selections from Francis and the Lights, a solo act known for contributing the opening chorus on “Summer Friends” and the track from “Coloring Book,” Chance’s latest album. After the first act, the stage curtains opened to reveal Chance who’s accompanied by life-sized puppets that appear in between songs with dialogue as a part of the story line being told throughout the show.

The first of these is Carlos the Lion, a character that serves as a mentor to Chance, telling him “don’t forget the message!” During “Same Drugs,” a song that’s ironically not about drugs, Chance serenades the audience with a piano melody accompanied by Lady, another puppet, who sings the female vocals of the song–but Chance’s performance doesn’t stop at the Sesame Street-esque puppet shows. The 2014 XXL Freshman shook the foundation of the Fox with crowd favorites like “Favorite Song” and “Ultralight Beam,” spraying fans with confetti and fog cannons (Can’t have a show without fog cannons!). The rapper concluded his set with “Blessings,” a down-tempo, religious song that was appropriate for a concert that can only be described in one word: Magnificent.