By Scotticus

October 9 was an awaited day as Rhode Island progressive rockers, The Dear Hunter, returned to Atlanta. Originally starting as a side project, frontman Casey Crescenzo was hesitant to release his solo work thinking that no one would be into it. But his friends urged him to put it out there, and now Crescenzo is on tour for the band’s seventh album (if you count the nine EPs released as “The Color Spectrum” as one). This tour they appeared at the one and only Terminal West for a fantastic and powerful show coupled with Texas-based indie band Eisley and solo artist Gavin Castleton. The Dear Hunter’s latest (and final?) “Act V” is out now. My favorite track is “Gloria,” and if you’re interested in music with a compelling story line, I would suggest starting from “Act I.” But of course, do not give colors expressed in music a miss.

Unfortunately I arrived to the show late and missed the performance of Castleton, but I purchased one of his numerous albums as my way of compensation. It was a very diverse album, with a pop-like focus, but clearly inspired by many other sounds. His album collection is extensive so I’m sure when one dives in, it will only become more varied and peculiar. From what the album I chose played to me, he caters to music lovers of all kinds, so respect.

After a few minutes of waiting and running into my circle of concert friends, Eisley took the stage. They came out speaking softly and moving through simple, yet well-crafted songs. The two singers took the majority of the focus with beautiful harmonies and the trading of vocal lines. There was not a clear first vocalist, which was nice. As I watched them sing, I wondered if they were sisters as their voices were very similar and on a recording I would have suspected the same vocalist. It turns out that most of the band is a group of siblings. They currently have six members and use that to their advantage; their sound is full and tight, having started back in 1997. They have released four studio albums and numerous EPs. I purchased their third album, “The Valley,” and have been enjoying their soothing melodies ever since.