By Jimmy Sears

This week Dance Gavin Dance unveiled their latest track entitled “Young Robot” that’s slated for released on their latest studio album, “Mothership,” that’s also marked to be unleashed on October 7. While we’re a little over a week away from their release, “Young Robot” couldn’t have dropped sooner. And they dropped the hammer—big time.

Beginning with an ambient flute combined with some strums, one is slowly eased into the track before the power crashes in to energize the listener. The progression varies throughout with the pace rising and lowering along with sound barrier-breaking screams to pad out the track for an extremely sick mix. Tilian Pearson’s vocals also help carry the track with his siren-esk pitch to further empower the track. There’s an unmistakable chemistry that brings everything together for one amazing ensemble.

Dance Gavin Dance still churns electrifying tracks, and this is no exception. While this is somewhat different from their past fair, “Young Robot” still holds true to their essence.

5 out of 5 owls.