April Latham

Ed Sheeran released his newest album last Friday and like his other work, it is gold. He gives you a whole hour of bliss, starting with “Eraser.” This song talks about living day to day with pain chewing away, but using that pain to keep moving forward. It’s a beautiful song and a great intro into the album.

“Castle on the Hill” is another noteworthy song on the album because it’s a solid hit. Sheeran talks about going home when he says “I’m on my way / Driving at 90 down those country lanes.” It’s striking to me because even with all his fame, he still wants to go back to the old days, hanging out with his friends. The way he describes these old roads is perfect imagery.

Every song on this album is chill, but at different levels. Sheeran writes beautiful music that relates to everyone at some point in his or her life. In the song, “Dive,” he talks about the worries of falling for someone without knowing fully if they are feeling the same way about you. It’s all beautiful and comforting. I definitely recommend this album to everyone.