Build an Empire: Watch Party With Chubbie Baby

With Empire being Fox’s #1 television series, grossing over 13 million viewers, it’s only right that Icon Studios and Loud-N-Klear Ent brough out one of Hip-Hop’s legends for their watch party and mixer. Chubby Baby, is the Vice-President of A&R at Epic Records, which is the home of a lot of Hip-Hop and R&B heavyweights.Don’t get it twisted though, Da Baby doesn’t just sit in a comfy chair to tell those with dreams yes or no. He is a a legend within the culture: rapping along with hip-hop gods such as Cam’ron, Mase, and Biggie Smalls. He’s also managed future and has given numerous opportunities to the Atlanta music industry.

When Chubbie Baby spoke you could feel his genuine vibe and respect for everyones grind in the room. He took the time to answer questions from aspiring producers, rappers, and song writers throughout the night. He gave advice on how to make contacts in the industry and how to build a dope grind around what you do. He put major emphasize on how being hungry means you have samples of your work at all times, and stay thirsty for knowledge. Even though I can’t rap nor sing, Chubbie told me to stay hungry and keep working on my craft. The event was super dope and reminded me what Hip Hop Culture is really about.