By April Latham

If you haven’t heard of Duckwrth yet, you need to. “I’M UUGLY” was released September 24, and I’m glad I caught on the wave early. This album is perfect for ending summer, because not only does it have a summer beat to it, it also slows down towards the end, just like the transition from summer to fall. This could not have arrived at a better time.

We began the album with “BLOW MY MIND,” and the opening line hits you with “okay, I think I could get with this.” With the fast-paced tempo of the song, this can be compared to a nice day in July when you are hanging out with your friends. We then transition into “LOWRIDR,” which is also a nice summer-like song. I love the style of this album because you don’t see this a lot with today’s hip-hop. I definitely recommend this album to everyone, especially if you love to dance.

4 out of 5 owls.