Michael Moore

In week nine of the NFL season, Philadelphia Eagle’s backup quarterback, Nick Foles, shocked the nation with his dazzling win over the Oakland Raiders. He put up the impressive stat of 7 passing touchdowns and 406 passing yards. His 7 passing touchdowns in one game ties the NFL record, along with Peyton Manning ,who did the same thing earlier on this season. This is not Fole’s only win as a starter this season. He also has won against Tampa Bay and New York.

So with another impressive win under his belt, should Nick Foles be the new starter for the Philadelphia Eagles? Michael Vick is proving many expert’s speculations to be true with his impressive play but numerous injuries, and the Eagles need a long term quarterback to get the job done. Fole’s is certainly young and athletic enough to be a franchise player, but can he keep it up? For all we know, Chip Kelley’s scheme could have been the key component for his wins. Oakland and Tampa’s defense isn’t quite the stone wall other defenses tend to be in the league, and we don’t know if Foles can run the ball himself if need be, but we do know one thing. He can definitely put some air under his passes.