By: Jimmy Sears

Coming from Roswell, Ga., Erica Bryan has had the fervor for theatre ever since she went to her first audition at the age of 8. Bryan is a testament to the phrase “never give up” because after she was passed on for her first audition, she got back in the ring and won the role next year at the same audition. Since then, she has skyrocketed by establishing a background in Broadway in New York City. Despite living in the bustling metropolis, it was clear her career would be cemented in Country singing lore after she moved to Nashville while being inspired by her listening to Reba McEntire among others. Bryan is backed by an ensemble, which contains drummer Billy Gunter, lead guitarist Amy Brown and Katherine Holmgren stroking the viola.

Bryan’s music has an acoustic vibe, which is accompanied by her immaculate voice as she somberly remarks, “this house is haunted,” in her debut single of the same name. “This House is Haunted” refers to a breakup as, at the time Bryan wrote it, elements of her ex still resided in her heart and home.  The keyboard stirs the pot in a melancholy track that provokes a mixture of nostalgic and regrettable emotions.

“Girls Night Out” takes a 180 turn as this track takes all the drama, crumbles it up and throws it out the door by describing “club-hopping, jaw dropping” and “non-stopping” hustles that last until dawn. This is a hard–rocking tune that rocks the joint with rebounding riffs that ricochets off the eardrums for a wild party anthem that, despite its target demographic, is listenable by anyone. Check out Erica Bryan’s website at Also download Bryan’s debut single, “This House is Haunted” off iTunes.