By: Jimmy Sears

The electro-pop duo, Elin Berlin and Johan Angergård form their new group, Eternal Death, and make their debut with their first album, which is self-titled. From Sweden, these two pack more synth in their music despite their name, which I thought suggested a death-metal sound. Still, I’m pleased with the execution here that features blasts of electronic waves that surge through the room as Berlin’s vocals accompany the powerful melodies.

Eternal Death consists of Berlin on vocals and Angergård performing the instrumentals. As said, the name, “Eternal Death,” seemingly suggests grim sounds, but sound-wise this isn’t the case. Each track has a peppy energy and is entirely laden with synthesizers and an echoing quality that sounds as if it orbits the galaxy. The first track, “Song,” starts will a simple synth-drum line, but then picks up when Berlin’s vocals come in along with a harmonious synth-organ to bring the track to the summit. My favorite track is “Hole,” which begins like party anthem and throws in some bouncy sounds with some parts of Berlin’s singing overlapping with a distorted robotic version of her voice. “Hole” keeps the adrenaline pumping.

While “Eternal Death” was not what I was expecting, I was very surprised with how much I enjoyed execution of each track. It’s even more surprising how most tracks’ sounds contrast the name “Eternal Death.” If anything most of the tracks are full of life, which is a far cry from the suggestion of Eternal Death, though a few one-word track titles speak otherwise with names like “Violence” and ”Cry” coming to mind.

3 out of 5 owls up.