By: Jimmy Sears

After Weezer’s previous outings, the band boldly promised a return to form with their 9th studio album, “Everything Will Be Alright In The End.” Trying to rake back the remnants of the ‘90s alternative coalition, the cliché, “big shoes to fill,” would be an understatement. No doubt some will be disappointed considering the promise, but what we do have here is a promising mix of amplified strokes combined with a valiant effort to appeal to fans of yore.

Horror-esk static opens the album as a frail girl whimpers, “I’m having another nightmare.” Shortly after, marching riffs, which call back to “Buddy Holly,” bring up the noise as if to mark Weezer’s triumphant return. “Rock is dead” is ironically asserted as Rivers Cuomo and co. express the typical theme of loneliness in the not-so-subtly titled “Ain’t Got Nobody.” Other tracks such as “Lonely Girl” express similar themes while other tracks milk nostalgia. “Back to the Shack” is a love letter to the days of “The Blue Album.” Other tracks express similar themes throughout, so fans expecting a lyrically deep album will be disappointed, but the quality of the music itself more than makes up for it. The most memorable part is “The Futurescope Trilogy,” which consists of three parts. Part II, “Anonymous,” talks of the unknown with lyrics like, “no, I don’t know the words to say,” and, “so I call you Anonymous.” Parts I and III, titled “The Wasteland” and “Return To Ithaka” respectfully, are beautifully composed instrumental bookends which both surge through the wires for an impassioned finale containing Hendrixian guitar magic to close the album.

Despite fairly simple words, “Everything Will Be Alright In The End” drops the hammer as Weezer hits the ground running. No doubt this album is worth a listen.