Locke Hoover

The Atlanta Falcons offense was suppose to be good again this year with everyone returning and the addition of Steven Jackson.  Now with key players such as Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Steven Jackson hurt the offense has taken a huge hit. Now with all these injuries the Falcons need some unproven wide receivers such as Drew Davis and Kevin Cone.  Both of these receivers have been with the Falcons for 2 years so they know the offense and now they have their chance to play.

I believe another option the Falcons should go to more in the passing game now is Levine Tollolo. I think the Falcons should begin using more two tight end sets in their offense. I feel this could open up the offense more just like it did in New England with Tom Brady, Aaron Hernandez, and Rob Gronkoski. By doing this it could not only help the offense this year but also next year.