By Jimmy Sears

Fangclub is an Irish band that just arrived on the scene playing a hybrid of alternative and garage rock. Consisting of Steven King, Kevin Keane and Dara Coleman, Fangblade takes it to the limit with their brand that Hotpress calls “no-nonsense poppy hooks over punishing riffs.” Indeed, Fangclub defines itself in its EP, which vibrates with vigor from beginning to end and doesn’t let up until the very last note.

Much of Fangclub’s sound is comparable to bands such as the Offspring and Foo Fighters before “Sonic Highways.” “Bullet Head” churns out the velocity as the guitar strings grind with thunderous intensity. “Young Blood” speeds things up with excitable riffs as a cowbell sets up the tempo while shrieks are strategically placed to set the tone. “Young Blood” doesn’t begin to describe this track. “Loner” is of the more calmer tracks that’s about a loner inviting the listener to join him as a loner. The melodies patiently rock along to make “Loner” a more ‘lax track. “Role Model” shares a similar tempo as “Loner.” The lyrics in “Role Model” can be traced to the autonomous phrase: “I don’t care.” The song criticizes role-models, questioning their worth by asking how they got “hollow,” perhaps to express one’s independence by suggesting role models no longer have influence in one’s life.

Sound wise, there’s not much variety, but each track is powerful enough to keep the listener entertained with its dips and peaks in each track. Fangclub puts on a great first impression with its first EP. 3 1/2 owls out of 5.