By: Jimmy Sears

Mystery Skulls is an electronic project that originated in Dallas in 2010. Luis Dubuc, who’s also known as “Lord Skull,” “Master Skull” and “Big Papa Chromedome,” is Mystery Skulls’ mastermind and sole member. With Dubuc’s talent, Mystery Skulls masterfully employs the 10s’ electronica along with the 70s’ funky grooves to create an energetic, soulful, disco-inspired entourage that hops across the illuminated dance-floor.

“Ghost” serves as the main event, thanks in part to MysteryBen27’s “animesque,” Scooby-Doo inspired music video, which deserves a watch on its own because of its intriguing story. The song’s ghost-busting synths swoop through as the tempo pulsates with vigor while Dubuc’s singing, overlaid with a ghostly echo, provides a phantasmic inflection. Another notable track, and probably the strongest, is “Magic,” featuring Nile Rodgers and Brandy. “Magic” truly lives up to its title. What starts off with mystical chords of violin strings combined with contemporary guitar strums enters into a mighty march of techno for an exquisite mix. “Magic’s” lyrics are repetitive, with a chorus verbally casting the word “magic” and likening magic to falling in love as if by a spell. Despite the lyric’s predictable meaning, everything falls together perfectly in “Magic” and ends with an immaculate chorus of violin strings to soothe the melody and give closure.

Mystery Skulls’ tremendous mixture makes for a fantastic album that is an absolute must-listen. “Forever” gets 5 out of 5 owls. Check out Mystery Skulls’ website at Also view MysteryBen27’s animated music video below.