By: Molly Silverman

When you hear the name One Direction, many people think of the boy band powerhouse group from X-Factor that was created by Simon Cowell. You might envision the matching prep school clothes and flippy hair, but with One Direction’s album FOUR, those days are long gone. Not only do they now dress as individuals and are more rock star than prep school, but their music has gone through a transformation as well.

One Direction has progressed with each one of their albums, and FOUR happens to be their most mature album yet .When listening to this whole album, a story is told through songs centering on the themes of love, loss, and longing. Lyrically, songs like “Where Do Broken Hearts Go?”, “Night Changes”, “Stockholm Syndrome”, and “Ready to Run” show a brilliant, metaphoric composition of words that flow through fun and catchy melodies. When listening to this album, there should be an expectation to want to dance and sing like there is no tomorrow.

The biggest difference with FOUR than anything else heard from the 5 boys is that the band helped write 12 out of 16 tracks (the deluxe edition goes up to 16) on this album. Thus, listeners hear songs that are more personalized and give more insight to One Direction not only as a band, but as human beings.

I give this album 4 and a half owls up!