By: Scott Tracy

If you’re looking for a fun night in a carefree environment, Go See Sea Ghost! For a band that doesn’t take themselves seriously, Sea Ghost is seriously one of the most entertaining bands you can choose to go see, and you better do it before blow up! This band plays with a sense of charismatic joy and goofiness that moves a crowd without fail. With a unique brand of surf synth-pop, represented in their locally popular hits “Cave Song” and “Spokes”, this self-made band has been rocking all the house parties and hole in the wall venues in the greater Atlanta area, FREQUENTLY FOR FREE. Once even in an airplane hangar! Most recently at the 3rd annual Jortsfest, a showcase of beach party tunes held on Georgia Tech’s campus this past weekend, they’re spreading the good words “Sea Ghost”. And a cool logo. Usually on t-shirts. And with those t-shirts, Sea Ghost is attracting a large following of enthusiastic stage divers that really bring a bright spirit into the idea of an intimate live show atmosphere.

The band has announced to me that their new (and first!) record is in the final stages of the production and is expected for release within a month or so. Some recording trouble in the recent past has delayed the process just a bit, but has not diminished the building anticipation for their first studio album. Capturing the band’s tight performances from Brandon, Jay, and Jonathon of frontman Carter’s catchey bedroom melodies in the studio will be something worth listening for. I’m interested to see where it takes them as they continue to grow from their various demos that have built them to where they are today. Stay updated on their facebook and bandcamp pages, but catch them live for a true performance of their personalities expressed through music. Take these guys for face value because they’re just out there having tons of fun with a lot of potential doing the best thing in the world, creating cool music for the dancing people. Go See Sea Ghost!