A global stage fit for renowned talent. Music everyone has been waiting for. This is none other than the Annual Global Hard Rock Café Battle of the Bands.

In a relaxed and chill atmosphere, bands and artists from across the country battled for a chance to be crowned the best band by the Hard Rock Café and earn a spot on the grand stage in Barcelona. Local talents of the night included hip-hop artist Carmen Butte, rock band Chasing December and rhythm guitarist Marty Madness.

Despite the great turn out of roaring fans and music enthusiasts, the ultimate decision of who would be the crowned the winner was placed in the hands of four selected judges. Overall, each band offered their own individual musical flair and artistry to the competition.

Hip-hop artist Carmen Butte commanded praise from the crowd as she adorned the stage with her back up dancers. Chasing December combined alternative and classic rock to produce an authentic sound that brought us all back to our rock roots. Last but least, Marty Madness left the stage in shambles as he captivated the audience with his amazing guitar skills and vocal ability.

All the bands possessed great talent, but it was Marty Madness that took the gold and title to advance to the next round and take his rightful spot on the grand stage in Barcelona.