by Landen Winkles

GoldLink’s flow and beats are truly the word vibe in definition. Mixing hip-hop and soul into a well blended project, the result is his new project. He has such a unique vibe to his sound that it’s almost impossible not to get into his music. Finally, “At What Cost” dropped, and I’ve been nonstop listening to it. It’s my favorite project by GoldLink so far in his career.

“At What Cost” has the typical sound that GoldLink always has, made up mostly of unique, upbeat beats with the added touch of a few bangers as well as some great features. The album’s key features include Ciscero, Kokayi, Jazmine Sullivan, the amazing producer KAYTRANADA, Hare Squead, April George, Brent Faiyaz, Mya, Shy Glizzy, Lil Dude, and The Internet’s Steve Lacy.

There are so many songs I could talk about here, but I’m going to start off with “Herside Story”, featuring Hare Squead. When I saw that GoldLink rapped over “Herside Story” on his album, I was thrilled. I loved Hare Squead’s original version, and I liked GoldLink’s even more. It’s such a feel good track that I could replay it over and over. The chorus has such a catchy melody, and the verses flow so well.

The next song that stuck out was “Roll Call” featuring Mya. Again, it follows GoldLink’s style of being upbeat and groovy. Mya adds much to the song with her fantastic voice and unbelievably catchy hook. The song is all about not forgetting where you came from. GoldLink is blowing up, but he still hasn’t forgotten where he’s from. I could listen to this song on repeat, to be honest.

The last song I want to touch on is “Kokamoe Freestyle”. I haven’t heard a rap song with such a unique beat all year. It’s a funky beat which perfectly complements GoldLink’s tone. It’s a harder hitting song than the rest of the album, which I appreciate. Even though I love the groovy feel that GoldLink always displays on his projects, it’s nice to mix it up with a harder hitting song. “Kokamoe Freestyle” does just that.

GoldLink’s new album is a breath of fresh air in the hip-hop community and truly adds another solid project to GoldLink’s already phenomenal discography.