by Joel McRae

Hailing from Dunedin, New Zealand, up and coming indie surf-rock outfit GROMz has recently blessed the world with their debut release, “Two and Half Days.” Recorded in only two and a half days in a Port Chalmers studio, the eccentric four-piece band is quickly gaining traction with their well-received and highly praised debut, rapidly landing them in the Top 10 of Spotify’s International Viral charts. Having no record label, distribution network, or even a manager, GROMz has become yet another example that success can be achieved through the power of the internet alone.

Self-classified as a combination of salt-rock and grom-pop, GROMz’ music transcends genres as the band refuses to be pigeonholed by putting forth a variety of different sounds in “Two and a Half Days.” The EP kicks off with stand-out song “Mixed up and Confused”, a glamorous ode to heartbreak, youthful abandon, and young romance. The track flows directly into follow-up song “Glued to Her I-Phone”; a steady, guitar-driven journey into the sublime about finding love in another who appears too preoccupied with themselves to notice. 19-year-old lead singer and guitarist Semisi Maiai keeps his heart on his sleeve throughout the EP, meticulously piecing together mindful lyrics that undoubtedly have struck a chord with younger generations meandering through the aimless depths of adolescent love. With a successful debut like this one, it goes without question that GROMz has a bright and fruitful future ahead of them.