By: Jimmy Sears

Shane Williams and Warren Bazemore, who hail from South Carolina, have been bringing a mellow ensemble of country-like melodies since 1994.  Their album “I Was Gone,” features Williams working the piano while Bazemore works the electric guitar. Both also combine their talents with their vocals and acoustic guitars for a sequence of ambient melodies that put the listener in a state of relaxation as the calming acoustics shine through each track.

The title track, “I Was Gone,” begins with a peaceful sequence acoustic plucks before the vocals hook the listener. The vocals have an echo, which is appropriate because the song depicts travel through breathtaking landscapes. Lines such as, “In a misty rain,” and “I came to the valley all alone” illustrate the immersive quality. Most tracks are a softer affair, but tracks like “Wide Open” and “For A Dying Man” are a faster pace. “For a Dying Man” makes a hook immediately with solid riffs that bang the ear drums in a track that proves to be the most untamed song on the album.

Overall, “I Was Gone” is an album that rolls along the road nicely. For more info on Finnegan Bell, check out their website,