By: Jimmy Sears

Out of Rumson, New Jersey, Jake Tavill studied his musical craft at the Berklee College of Music, the Tisch School of the Arts and the Village East Conservatory at the young age of 17 to jump start his career as a musician. Tavill’s style channels famous blues artists such as Albert King and B.B. King in his first studio album, “Indigo Child,” which consists of slick waves that unwind the listener for a tremendously smooth leeway that sways the senses.

Tavill sings with a voice reminiscent of Nate Ruess of “Fun” as he plays a key board, which is accompanied by a tender chorus of trombones and trumpets and other blues apparatus. Songs such as “I Won’t Go” and “I Ain’t Me” carry an old-school blues vibe that Tavill emulates, but the songs also manage to give the genre a modern twist to keep it fresh. Other songs, such as “To Say Goodbye,” are more sentimental. Here, the key board is in the forefront while Tavill pours his heart onto the keys as he sings, “you don’t know what you have till it disappears,” reminding listeners of the all-true message far too many of us realize before it’s too late.
While Tavill’s doesn’t go deep with his lyrics, its strongest point is the music itself, which carries most of the album. Each song is easy listening at its finest and plays like clockwork to where it’s almost a detriment because the album seems to end so soon. Still, by all means, give it a turn. Listen in on to hear Jake Tavill’s latest hit.