Omid Alaee

This weekend The Augusta National Golf Club is hosting The Masters Tournament. The golf club has hosted this event since 1943 and it’s the first Major championship to start the golf season. This is the one event where you can enjoy some amazing egg salad sandwiches and as well as those tasty pimiento cheese sandwiches. Tiger Woods comes into the tournament number one in the golf rankings and looking to capture his fifth Green jacket. Tiger Woods has won three out of five events this year and is showcasing a new putting stroke /technique. He has looked much sharper on the greens this year and let’s see if he can read the tricky greens at Augusta. Tiger has a 3 to 1 odd on winning the Masters according to Vegas. He is four Major championship wins away on tying Jack Nicklaus for most Major wins. He hasn’t won a Major since the 2008 U.S. Open in which he went to a playoff with Rocco Mediate. I believe if he can get a victory this weekend down in Augusta, he can gain some more confidence and start the season on a roll going into the Majors. With his new putting technique he has had more control and swagger on the greens. We know he has a great long and short game, but it has been his putting game that has been slowing him down the past few years.  This weekend will be interesting to watch and see if Tiger will shine or just be the same old Tiger of the past few years.