By: Desirae Tucker

With a new album that just hit stores KB is on his way to inspire all. The christian rapper signed to Reach Records out of Atlanta, Georgia has just released his new album this past week. KB is slowly but surely gaining his way to the top along with his label mate Lecrae. KB’s story is amazing and you can tell in his words that he has been yearning to let the people hear him and his music. KB isn’t your typical rapper, his humbleness and wanting to praise Jesus is what makes him different. KB is still trying to figure out a way to balance out his new shine to fame and being a normal person who loves to help people. . You can see his drive in his documentary that is on his website and see his humble personality shine. KB is currently living in Tampa, FL with his family and just as his website says he is enjoying his crab legs, boxing, and serving at his local church. Hear more of KB’s story on his website and become inspired.

For more on KB go to his website www. and listen to his newly released album titled “Tomorrow We Live” available on Spotify, iTunes, and in stores now