By Jordan Suber

Mr. Don’t Mind Kent Jones is back with a twist on the Earth, Wind, and Fire classic, “Let’s Groove.” If you aren’t familiar with the track from Earth, Wind and Fire, you may want to ask your grandparents.

Jones is a newcomer who has had his first single, “Don’t Mind,” blowing up the airwaves. His new song, “Alright,” does not disappoint. A memorable line from the song is “Don’t hate the player, girl just hate the game. My stomach turning, I had too much to drank.” The song really keeps the ball rolling from his previous single.

I personally like this song and it will be in my playlist for the week. This song is a nice rendition with hip-hop undertones and it is a nice addition to any playlist. If you’re looking for a song to mellow out with, this track is it. I foresee this song playing on a radio near you soon.

The artist is signed to the We the Best Music Group. Will DJ Khaled’s protégé be the next up-and-coming superstar? Can he prove with this song that he deserves the title of “the best”? We’ll find out soon. Until then, I give “Alright” 3 owls out of 5.