By Jimmy Sears

Last month, word spread around that Kings of Leon would release their latest LP, “Walls,” on October 14. While there’s still less than a month to go, fortunately, on September 9, listeners got a taste of their game with the release of their newest single: “Waste a Moment.” To say that Kings of Leon set the bar high maybe an understatement.

This track is packed with energy. It sets the pace once the amped-up guitars charge in waves. The drum beats complement the waves while the track gives an upbeat motif. As the track’s title suggests, the lyrics lay out the idea that you only live once, and Caleb Followill uttering one to “take the time to waste a moment” brings it home. The story speaks of a provocative woman who’s a “ticking time bomb,” while her boyfriend (Who, interestingly enough, is referred to as “sexy.”) is always on the run. These themes suggest the idea of having no regrets and living life to the fullest. The energy in the track also lends itself to this idea. For this, the lyrics and the instrumental go hand-in-hand with each other for an overall quality single.

If there was no anticipation, it has manifested now that fans have a taste—and then some. As for me, I only crave more of what Kings of Leon plan to give out in “Walls.”

4 out of 5 owls.