Omid Alaee

Kennesaw introduced their new head football coach Tuesday morning with a press conference. Brian Bohannon will be the Owls first ever football coach and well be building the program immediately and hopefully the right way. He coached the quarterbacks and B-backs at Georgia Tech since 2008 when he joined the team. Bohannon played wide receiver at the University of Georgia and graduated from their with a business degree in 1993. He brings 17 years of experience from both the FBS and FCS as an assistant. He started by coaching wide receivers at Gardner-Webb in 1996. Then he went and coached wide receivers and defensive backs at Georgia Southern University from 1997 to 2001. From 2002 to 2007 he coached wide receivers at Navy. Bohannon has been an assistant under Georgia Tech’s coach Paul Johnson since 1997. If anyone follows college football knows that coach Paul Johnson prefers to run the option offense. He has had success with this offense when he had the right personal and athletes. I am not a huge fan of the option offense because I have not seen it produce enough in big game situations. With the right defense, patience and execution, teams will be able to stop the option. The offense does work against defenses that don’t play assignment football. At the end of the day, it will not succeed as a full time offense. Now I wouldn’t mind seeing it thrown into the playbook here and there. Bohannon did say in his press conference that he would bring some elements of the option as well as use some of the pistol and shotgun formations. So I’m hoping to only see SOME of the option offense. I would like to see him also run some I-formations and pro style offense. I want recruits to come here and believe that they well learn everything to succeed in college and NFL. He has recruited the state of Georgia since 1997 and that is key coming to this school, which has to share its athletes with UGA and GT, as they are the big football programs in this state. . The decision to hire Brian Bohannon was not what I had expected. I am not sure if I would have hired him, but that obviously was not up to me. But again I do like the experience he has had under a great coach like Paul Johnson. I hope he leads this program in the right direction and puts Kennesaw’s name up their with the other big football programs in this state.