By: Roxanne Anderson

Roo Panes, a British songwriter, released his Land of the Living EP in 2013. With the aid of his acoustic guitar, Panes has pumped out five honest and from the heart tracks – as cliché as that sound, it is completely true. Everything – technical speak – about this EP is quite simple. Similar chords, not an incredible amount of voice variation, not very climactic, etc, however; there are “quirky” or unexpected elements throughout. At the start of track one, “Glory Days,” violin and a plunking of the piano aid the steady strumming of Planes guitar. During track three, “Home from Home,” there is snapping – it is faint, but definitely there. Pane’s lyrics are the focal point of Land of the Living EP – regardless of any nifty quirky elements. With lines like “naked dressed in my pride you see through the things I hide,” from “Little Giant” and “oh we’ll go back, we’ll go back to the beginning and we’ll pick up on the trails of forgotten ways,” from “Silver Moon”. These little beauties are only an example of his interpretation, so to say, of people and the effects that they have on him.