By King Don Da DJ

Queen Bey is back! On April 23, Beyoncé surprise-released her newest project titled “Lemonade” on HBO with a 60-minute film. This is her first release since the end of 2013, when she also surprise-released her self-titled album, “Beyoncé.”

“Lemonade” is an album that deals with woman empowerment as well as the ups, downs, and round and rounds of a relationship. The message of “Lemonade” is a great one and I feel that everyone needs to hear this album. However, I do not feel like this is a good album musically.

The songs on “Lemonade” are individually solid, but they just do not fit together on this album. I have a belief that if the lead single is the best song on the album and exemplifies the album’s theme the most, then the album, as a whole, is not good. My belief remains true with “Lemonade,” considering the lead single, “Formation,” is the best song on the album.

“Sorry” is the next best, but the placement of “Sorry” on the album just does not fit. “Hold Up” is also another solid track along with “Freedom.”

“Lemonade” is a great album conceptually and if I was purely rating “Lemonade” on the album’s concept, I would give it 5 out of 5 OWLs, but I cannot rate this album based on concept and ignore the other factors that make a great album, especially one major factor: cohesiveness. “Lemonade” lacks cohesiveness and it really takes away from the great concept this album possesses.

2.5 out of 5 OWLS.